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Twitter Pitching

This week, on May 5, I was able to participate in the @KidLitGN graphic novel pitch, hoping for some interest in my project.

The first time I had participated in a Twitter Pitch was last October. I had no idea what I was doing, but I was incredibly enthusiastic. I was completely unprepared but very excited about the possibility of making contacts in publishing: agents, editors, other creators.

In a Twitter pitch, you give a one/two line "elevator pitch" and hope to grab enough attention to get a like from an agent or an editor. Once you snag that like, you put in a submission. It takes the initial "cold submission" out of the equation, and if anything, you feel just a little bit ahead of the game. In fact, one of peers in my critique group was able to secure an agent this way.

Back in October for my first pitch, I really just winged it. (wung it?) I did get some interest, but I wasn't nearly ready to submit anything. I still had so much work to do to hammer out my story and really commit to the look of the work.

This time was much different. I hired a professional editor to go through my work - the pitches, my query letter, and my synopsis to make sure that I was really ready to go.

I am really excited about the direction this book is taking and the characters. I am still fine tuning and tweaking and enjoying the process of creation.

When I'm able to share good news, you will all be the first to hear it!

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