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My Cup Runneth Over

I am so incredibly grateful to all the support and encouragement and kind words I have received through the month of October. Hearing friends and family tell me they have bought the book and love my illustrations - it has been incredible. I don't know why I feel awkward accepting compliments, but it has been a goal for a long time to simply accept and feel gratitude.

So I'm feeling the gratitude and sharing the gratitude. Thank you - from the bottom of my heart - thank you for all you have done and said and shared. Thank you for sharing this book with your students and your children, your grandchildren and nieces and nephews. Thank you for recognizing the heart of the story. Thank you for asking me to sign your book (who me?!?!) and thanking me for the illustrations.

I'm trying to let people in to my little secret world and finding out, maybe it's not so scary to open up. I'm not entirely there yet, but I'm taking baby steps. I reached out to a former school that I taught at and asked the lovely librarian if they would be interested in having my book in their library. I know it seems silly, but honestly, it was a big ol' leap of faith for me. I know it sounds ridiculous and logically, I know it is, so I'm working on it.

Of course it was a yes (why was I scared??) and was asked to create a flyer to post at school. A flyer? About me?? That is . . . a lot.

BUT. I did it. And I shared it. And now everyone is going to SEE it. Like, really see it. Eek.

Baby steps, right?

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