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11-year-old Agent GoldieLOCKS is a top cryptographer on a mission: find the kingdom of Once Upon a Time’s missing magical artifacts before they fall into the hands of the Fairy Tale villains. Through her spy network, Goldie learns the location of the first artifact—Snow White’s red lipstick, which contains a file with the locations of the rest of the powerful objects. The bad news? The Big Bad Wolf knows where the lipstick is too, and is already on the move. Luckily, Goldie is a whiz who can solve any puzzle, and she sets out to recover the lipstick with the help of a new recruit—a know-it-all cat named Key.  

To accomplish her mission, Goldie follows the trail to the dark corridors and hidden rooms of the Evil Queen’s castle. Using her Enigma Diary as a guide, Goldie mixes potions, solves riddles, and cracks codes, all while teaching Key how to be a real secret agent. But they have to move fast, because Goldie must secure the lipstick before it falls into the hands of the Big Bad Wolf—or else the Fairy Tale Villains will finally have the power to make life gray and sad for the people of Once Upon a Time.

GoldieLOCKS and the Seven D.W.A.R.F.s is a middle grade fairy tale mystery graphic novel about finding your using your strengths to help others while learning to accept help even when you want to be independent and self-reliant.

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