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Little Schoolhouse in the Woods

written by Kellie Bahri & illustrated by Noella Bickel

published by EduMatch Publishing, Available October 1, 2022

final cover_LSW_edited.jpg

As the school bell rings, an adorable squirrel named Landon begins his day with excitement. By lunchtime, he feels sad because he notices that he doesn't do things the same way as his friends at school. When Landon's teacher invites him to have lunch with her, she shares what she sees to be his special gifts and talents and reminds him of specific ways that the world needs his strengths!


Little Schoolhouse in the Woods is a place where readers celebrate uniqueness as strength. The world needs many types of strengths, and it is important for everyone to learn the significance of their own in-born talents. Grab your copy of this beautifully illustrated book for your favorite teacher or young reader.

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Publisher: EduMatch Publishing
ISBN: 1959347012

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