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Things they are a-changin'

Every time I think that I've gotten a handle on things . . . BOOM. Nevermind.

I received some suggestions about updating the color of Goldie and one thing led to another and she was redesigned. It wasn't my initial plan, but the more I tried to figure out how to make "spy gear" any color other than gray, black, or variations of gray and black. It just didn't work. So . . . new design!

And honestly, I'm glad that Goldie has gone through some changes. She stands out now and is a girl I'd want to hang out with.

Goldie's update isn't the only change though. For the second year in a row, my position as Assistant Principal of Guidance has been eliminated. Ugh. For multiple reasons, I've decided to stay at the school I am currently at and go back to teaching for a bit. I am excited about teaching - I love teaching and I miss being with the kids. It will be harder in some ways, but I will have more time off during the summer to work on my own personal projects. My contract will be ending at the end of June, so July is going to be my time to get to work on all the projects I have had on the back burner for far too long.

I don't relish the pay cut, but I do look forward to getting out earlier and being with my kids more. Perhaps I will be able to clean up (some of) the house. The future is full of possibilities.

So what do you think about Goldie's new design?

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