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The Final Critique

Oh my beautiful Fannie. It is hard to believe that I started this project just this last March. The idea had been bouncing around for a while, but the idea grew so quickly over the 20 weeks I participated in Kids Comics Intensive (Creative and Business) through Kids Comics Unite. It was an incredible and extremely intensive program but the amount that I grew within this time period feels overwhelming.

Within the second set of 10 weeks (the Business side of the intensive), I was dedicated to putting together a pitch packet - a tidy little packet to hand off to my agent who will then hand it off to publishers to *hopefully* want to buy the book. A graphic novel pitch packet is incredibly involved and while I did submit for critique, there is still a great deal of work that needs to be done on the project.

You can see what I included for the critique below:

You can see my elevator pitch (that's the "logline") or one sentence "hook" that will interest a publisher. The format and details are included, as well as a brief 2-3 paragraph synopsis. The next page included character design/description/color palette and sample pages that had been revised since the *last* critique.

I love being able to see all of the other creators and their submissions - it is always inspiring to see what everyone is able to produce.

How did my critique go? I think pretty well. There was discussion of changing the age range - because Fannie is fifteen, that means "Fannie's Fight" is going to be YA (young adult). I am not opposed to that, but I am questioning if my story is YA beyond the age of the main character. The other piece of the critique that resonated with me was to include an author statement - a reason/explanation as to why I would want to write this story. I love that idea. My problem? I have so much to say. So now I'm trying to figure out how to write that in a succinct way. I don't feel very succinct right now.

Nothing was said about the story or the art really, so I'm guessing that was okay?

I will be continuing to work on the pitch for a bit more before sending it off to my agent for feedback. I'm sure there will be more changes to come!

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