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September Survial

There is no way to put into words how difficult the beginning of the school year is especially in 2022. It really is a marathon to get through August and September.

*at this point, my blog crashed and I truly can't remember what I was talking about.*

  1. Back to school is tough. Like, so so tough. This is year 18 and man, I'm tired.

  2. I work the first 7 weeks towards the gift of Fall Break. I have made it.

  3. I'm trying to only work contract hours to save my sanity. So far, it's going . . . okay?

I've been actively working to get "Fannie's Fight" ready for submission - I was given feedback from my agent over the summer and have made plenty of updates. The goal was to get it submission ready by September. The world o' publishing slows down to a crawl during the summer (vacations and such) and then picks up in the fall. Timing feels important - submit early, but not too early.

I redesigned Fannie's sister Eleanor, as well as adult Fannie. I'm pleased with the redesigns and hope the read as well as I feel they do.

The Thompson Family

Fannie's Fight has gone out on submission and now it's a waiting game. I am continuing to work on it, as it feels like I'm in the habit and I'm not great with stopping habits.

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