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On the Road

Thankfully school ended for the 21-22 school year. And boy was it a year. I won't go into all the chaos that this year entailed, but I couldn't be happier that it is done. I wrapped up the year by packing up my classroom and moving it. I know that this may not sound impressive, but I did it in one day. Never in the history of moving classrooms/offices have I ever done that. So what changed this year? This was a year. So much so that I literally had to be done in a day. I wanted to get out of there and not have to think about it all summer.

sooo . . . FREEDOM!

We had been planning a trip to Hawaii to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. Of course, our 15th anniversary was in 2020, so you know how that worked out. The trip was pushed out to 2022, and then the husband couldn't get off of work. Not my favorite part of the story. So my daughter went with me and we had a girls trip to Maui! That was fun!

Since I've been working on my newest book, "Fannie's Fight" I have been focusing on writing the overall story. While on the trip, I just HAD to get it out. So here I was, in Maui, writing. Bizarre.

I have been trying a new approach by writing key events on notecards to help keep my mind focused and not heading off onto rando-tangents. But then I ran out of notecards.

What's a writer to do? Obviously "borrow" their child's notebook and just keep going! So I did.

This is a writer writing on vacation. At least, that's what I'm trying to sell myself on.

Do you hear my skin crisping up in the sun? Yikes.

I continued taking my Kids Comics Intensive sessions and coaching calls while we were there. My time zones were so messed up, I figured getting up at 6 am to participate really wasn't that big of a problem.

That being said, I don't really remember too much of it. Time zone brain fog I suppose.

But I continued to write and sketch and was so excited about how the story was progressing. FYI: this is not a nighttime photo. This is very much an early early morning photo because . . . time zones, man.

The best part? I finished writing the overall story arc on this trip, completing it as we started final descent back home. So now it is time for hammering out details and making sure the timelines are matching up. Currently, they don't, but I had somehow tricked myself into believing they were. Shoot.

So summer will continue my drafting journey as well as developing the art and characters. Be on the lookout for updates!

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