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Long time, no see!

It's been a while since we've talked, so I'm glad that you're back to visit, since I'm back to share. It's coming down to the end of the school year - and what a school year it has been. I am exhausted. It is difficult to determine exactly what is making this school year so hard. But it is difficult nonetheless.

As I am refocusing on my passions outside of education, I have be reworking and reformatting my website. Website design really isn't my jam, but it isn't from a lack of trying! Please make sure to take a look around and let me know what is working. Or, what isn't.


GoldieLOCKS Update


GoldieLOCKS and the Seven D.W.A.R.F.s has been shelved for the time being. While the feedback from the publishers has been typically positive, there isn't currently a market for the book or there's already a book in production that is similar. So for now, GL is taking a break, as am I.

I had done a lot of work on the project while it was out on submission and updated the (problematic) prologue, which had been giving me grief. Here are the first two pages from the updated prologue that I finally learned to love. These had not been shared publicly outside of my critique group.

I will say that just because GL has taken a break doesn't mean she is gone forever. She'll be back one of these days!


New Project: Fannie's Fight

I'm so excited to share my new project with you! Before I get into the project, I think a bit of backstory might help:

While I did go to school for animation, my minor was in early American History (1607-1877). I landed in a Civil War class where we tasked with a research paper on a topic of our choice. As I read and researched, I found an area of history I had not known before: there was a group of women who dressed as men to fight in the war. I was astonished and completely invested in learning everything I could about the topic.

I had never been so absorbed in a topic before and could only think about what an amazing story this would make. Not surprisingly, the information is limited as these female soldiers were quite adept at hiding.

For years I considered writing a nonfiction book about these women, but it never quite seemed to work. But then I realized: historical fiction! Graphic novel! So here comes Fannie - our fictional hero who will disguise herself to join the war effort and struggle to learn how to fit in with the soldiers and survive on the battlefield without being discovered.

Here is a sneak peek!

Be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming newsletters and blog posts as I will be sharing the process of making this graphic novel: from the beginnings of an idea to (hopefully) publication!


Newsletter Spotlight!

Part of my passion surrounding the concept for Fannie's Fight is learning about the inspiration for Fannie. It is amazing to hear the stories of the women who took on monumental challenges for a variety of reasons.

In each upcoming monthly newsletter, I plan to share a little about some of these ferocious, incredible women and their legacy. I'll share some resources I'm using, as well as some books that I think are worth taking a look at if you find this topic as interesting as I do.

My first recommendation is They Fought Like Demons which gives a well documented overview of the experience of women soldiers. It is not focused specifically on any particular individual, but is sectioned based on factors like why women joined, what camp life was like, passing the medical examination, and other psychological facts that allowed their gender to go unnoticed. It also dives into what happened if they were discovered.

You can find They Fought Like Demons on, Amazon or your local bookstore. Personally, I'm a fan of used books - I'll share a photo of my research soon!

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or thoughts you have - I look forward to hearing from you!

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