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Everything's Coming Up Milhouse!

I haven't been slowing down and I haven't been taking it easy. But it feels like things are going in a great direction. And when things start to go well, it's time to sing "Everything's coming up Milhouse!" As much as I love Gypsy and "Everything's Coming Up Roses" - Milhouse speaks to my soul.

I am thrilled to announce that I now have author/illustrator representation from Elizabeth Bennett at the Transatlantic Agency!

The time, energy, and commitment to working towards this dream has been no easy feat, but it is worth it to take one step closer to making the dream a reality.

Here's the official announcement and a link to my illustration portfolio.

While having an agent is no guarantee that my book will be published or I will find professional work as an illustrator, it does mean that I have someone actively looking for creative opportunities for me and believing in my work enough to sell it to publishers. That is a lot in and of itself.

So for now, I continue my own editing, revising, and working towards my book, all while trying to keep the rest of my life in balance. Does it really work? No. Not particularly. And maybe that's why Milhouse speaks to me so clearly.

This is the Milhouse that sits on my desk at work.

Found out last week, that for the second year in a row, my position is being "eliminated." Working in education is no joke - it is stressful. This will be the third move in three years. Yuck. So I'm looking at some other options - I feel a drive to be creative in a way that I felt in years.

So yeah, Milhouse, I feel you. That ice cream did drop on your shoe, and I did have another year being "displaced." But good can come from this too. You can still eat the cone and the ice cream dregs, and maybe creative opportunities are coming my way.

I'm nothing if not hopeful.

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