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Coming to the end.

I hate that summer is coming to an end. This year was so exhausting, I feel like I'm just now starting to come out of the school year haze. But August is around the corner (read: 4 days away) and I can't avoid it any more. I have tried though. I still refuse to check my school email. I know there's a cheerful "Welcome back!" email from administration sitting there, but I'll going to let that marinate until August 1.

You think I want to leave this big ol' cuddle bug? No. I do not. He doesn't want me to go back and I am in

complete agreement. Until I have a rich anonymous benefactor, SCHOOL is upon us.

Paperwork has arrived to be filled out as Kid #1 is heading off to high school. Not sure when that happened, but here we are.

We have been celebrating husband's new job, which means that he has time off for the first time in . . . I don't even know. I mean, really. We spent some time in Solvang to celebrate our anniversary a month-ish late. Have you been there? It is fun. Lots to eat and lots to drink. Much wine and dessert was had.

The kids were able to hang with Nana and have some quality time, while we were able to spend some quality time together. It was an absolute joy. The upcoming year will be challenging (to say the least) but we made sure to live it up while we had the chance!

Be sure to come back to the blog as I am going to be updating "Fannie's Fight" after the final critique!

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